WT Micro Wall Panel - Assan Panel


The wall panels are suitable for use on walls due to the system that conceals joint elements The ability to use them both laterally and vertically provides assembly flexibility and good solutions for designers. Generally produced in micro pressed form to achieve an aesthetic appearance for walls. The rockwool filler provides the best fire resistance performance.

Product Information

Production Plant
Favourable Width
1000 mm
Minimum Length
3 meters
Maximum Length
Depends on Transport Conditions
Rockwool Density
100 (±10) kg/m3
Rockwool Thickness
50-60-70-80-100-120-130-150 mm
Thermal Conductivity (EN 13165)
0,035 W/mK
Reaction to Fire (EN 13501)
Water Absorption (EN ISO 354)
By Volume %2 (168 hours)
Ses Yalıtımı Rw [dB] ≥
Vapour Diffusion Resistance (EN 12086)
Heat Resistance
600 ºC
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If you want to get a product offer, fill out the form.