We offer sustainable modern energy solutions with rooftop SPP applications and Solar Capped Panel

Rooftop solar energy systems are the most ideal solution to reduce your costs by generating required power to use on-site in your facilities or manufacturing plants. With various solutions designed by our expert engineers, we develop customized rooftop solar power system projects suitable for any kind of roof applications.


On-Grid Systems are defined as systems where the power grid is supplied by electricity generated by solar power as soon as and where it is generated without requirement for any additional storage interface (e.g. battery packs, batteries, etc.) and instantly used. Electric power generated in these systems are directly transferred to public Power Grid. Any excess electric power generated in the system can be sold to the power grid. Within this scope, governments may stipulate special laws, regulations, terms for guarantee of purchase, and tariffs depending on applicable conditions.

In cases where electricity generated by solar power is low or inadequate, during hours or days with cloudy weather, or during the night, the rest of the required electric power is possible to be automatically supplied by the public power grid. Remote monitoring and visualization of the system as well as communicating with the system are also possible (optional). Central system supervision and control on a 24/7 basis allow for support for maintenance and operating services. The system can be monitored locally or online via the Internet, and data may be provided through web and graphics. GPRS data transmission allows for transmission of data to remote displays without requirement for wiring on-site where the solar system is installed. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly system performance as well as generated power and profit can be viewed and recorded. Advanced high technology features such as remote configuration, monitoring, control, and receiving notifications provide the investors and facility operators with comfort and ease of use.


Advantages of Solar Power

Electric power generation from the moment of initial installation

The greatest advantage of solar panels is quite simple: when you install a solar power system, you instantly begin generating your own power, become less dependent on electric utility services, and reduce the amount of your monthly electric utility bills. A solar panel system typically lasts for a period from 25 to 40 years, which means that you can reduce your electric power costs for several decades by simply switching to solar power.

Reduction of power lines by distributed power systems

Solar power systems are self-sustaining systems able to operate other systems independent from the public power grid, and can be implemented based on the principle of on-site generation and consumption. Petroleum, coal, and gas that are used to centrally generate high capacity electric power by using traditional methods are generally transferred from the relevant power plant to the point of consumption using transmission and distribution lines. This transmission process involves numerous additional costs and none of such costs is incurred in solar power systems. This advantage allows for more sustainable operation of solar power systems.

Power generation independent from the power grid

In traditional power grid architecture, major power plants where the power is generated are located considerably far from the points of power consumption. Distributed power generation is used in multiple locations near the load to generate small-scale power. As solar power systems gain more popularity in applications, distributed power generation will significantly reduce power grid investments and lower the total costs related to power generation using traditional methods.

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