Modular Buildings with High Energy Efficiency!

As Assan Panel, we provide you with prefabricated housing concepts with experience for over 30 years to make sure that you can have your dream house with minimal efforts. With a wide variety of innovative and modern prefabricated building models featuring various specifications, we provide custom solutions for everyone, envisioning design, comfort, and functionality as an integral part of our buildings, because everyone deserves to live wherever and however they dream to live.

  • Grade 1 earthquake resistant prefabricated buildings.
  • Flexible and lightweight buildings. They just shake a little but they are not demolished even in case of the most powerful earthquakes.
  • Installation time of modular buildings are shorter compared to reinforced concrete buildings. In addition, prefabricated houses can be demounted and mounted many times.
  • Manufactured in line with any kind of climatic conditions with thermal and static calculations.
  • As the entire load-bearing system is manufactured from high-density galvanized steel, they are stainless and resistant to deformation, you can safely use your modular buildings for many years to come.

Modular Buildings Technical Specifications

  • The technical specifications of modular buildings having perfect thermal insulation are as follows:
  • Seismic resistance to Grade 1 earthquake zone with active ground acceleration coefficient of 0.40;
  • Production based on climatic zone 3;
  • 75 kg/m2 resistance to snow load;
  • 80 km/s wind velocity;
  • External panel thickness: 10 cm, inner panel thickness: 6 cm, panel height: 250 cm;
  • U and H profiles are made of stainless galvanized sheet. They are joint by special clamping system, stainless.
  • All glasses are double glazed. Double-glazing thermopane is used.

You can use modular buildings to be chosen among dozens of prefabricated building models specially designed for every need and individual preferences as a permanent living space.


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