Assan Panel offers affordable and hygienic, fast solutions with best and high capacity thermal insulation, with its cold storage panels, to laboratories, hospitals, meat plants, meat processing plants, dairy, frozen food plants, seafood processing and packing plants as well as big industrial cold storage rooms.

Assan Panel 900CS and 1100CS products can be used in cold storage rooms with the specially painted surface that provides full protection against bacteria. They provide an advantage in thermal insulation with strongly fitting double tongue-and-groove joints. In addition to cold storage wall coatings, they are applicable as ceiling coatings.

Other than painted galvanized sheet, stainless steel metal surfaces can also be used in Assan Panel 900CS and 1100CS products. With an objective to manufacture products based on customer requirements, Assan Panel continues to offer its services with excellent thermal insulation and insulation applications by combining affordable prices with high quality products.

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Assan Panel guarantees perfect insulation with sealing joint details.

Assan Panel gives particular importance to the quality of raw materials for the production of sandwich panels as well as efficient installation services with its authorized dealership network. Panels comply with applicable TSE, EN and ISO standards.

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