Assan Panel is 27 years old. Can you express in figures where the company is at now?

As Assan Panel we produce at four different locations including Tuzla, İskenderun and Balıkesir in Turkey and in Jordan. We are the largest producer in the sector with a production capacity of 18 million m².

Why should Assan Panel be preferred in walls and roofs?

AThe quality of Assan Panel products has been confirmed with the appreciation of customers for 27 years. Assan Panel, a symbol of security in the sector, not only provides product quality but adds value to buildings with problem-free assembly solutions provided by dealerships that are experts in application.

What can you tell us about your contribution to sustainable buildings?

What we understand from sustainable buildings are buildings in which the functions of the building are carried out effectively for a long time. When you consider it from this perspective our products are exposed to the most corrosive external effects. Sometimes the way the building reacts or may react to factors like snow impact, wind impact and significant temperature changes, is important or it is necessary to keep the comfort of the people living inside the building at the highest level. Our customers hesitate when choosing products wondering how they will react to these conditions. This is where we try to respond to customer’s needs at the highest level by having our products certified by safe and reputable laboratories.

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