Leading company in the sandwich panel industry Assan Panel, signing a policy in the building sector, the 35 dealers in Turkey in order to strengthen the financial perspective has developed the Virtual POS applications. The application that provides online payment by credit card offers advantages such as exchange rate fixing, futures purchasing and discount ...

Kibar Holding group of companies Assan Panel, the 35 dealers in Turkey in order to strengthen the financial perspective has developed the Virtual POS applications. The new application, which can be used over the internet and offers online payment from a computer or a mobile phone, is also offering incentive opportunities such as giving discounts within the usage as well as advantages of fixing and buying futures at the bayillere. With the application integrated with the Assan Panel's ERP system, the masters can also monitor the collections they make instantly through the screens designed specifically for them via Assan Panel, the first company to implement virtual POS in the building sector, is leading the sector in this direction.

"We have dealership power behind our performance"

Assan Panel General Manager Ihsan Tolga Akar stated that they are among the most important actors in the market for 27 years and expressed that the biggest share belongs to the bayilere in this success. Ihsan Tolga Akar noted that, with the Virtual POS application they have developed, the franchisees will contribute to their growth processes as well as strengthening them in the financial sector. "Today, the most important problem in the growth process of the enterprises is the credibility. We also offer credit to our dealers with a sense of term sales. Thanks to our new practices, our dealers have also reduced the risk of foreign exchange by shopping with TL without being tied up to the tattoo. " Turkey in terms of the overall quality and capacity of the network of dealers spanning all times they are aiming to make a strong Ihsan Tolga Akar, "One way to achieve this is to relieve them from the financial point of view, though a bit," he said.

"We want to create a risk-free growth environment"

Ihsan Tolga Akar pointed out that targets are growing without risk in developing and changing market conditions with business partners. "We have a goal to manage the impact of cash flow problems on the market and traditional payment conditions, it made it necessary for us to have a payment system in place. " Ihsan Tolga Akar, who explained that they have the advantage of fixing the exchange rate to the customers with virtual POS application and making installment purchases, also explained that they have also experienced the unique incentive applications such as discounting within the usage.

"Implementation will provide cash flow"

"These benefits include the creation of direct cash flow, the reduction of check operations, the reduction in unsecured receivables ratio, the increase in customer portfolio and sales, and the improvement in the collection period of receivables," said Mr. Ihsan Tolga Akar, adding that the Virtual Pos application provides measurable benefits on the Assan Panel. Our virtual POS application was accepted by Kibar Holding group companies and taken into practice. " Ihsan Tolga Akar, who is aiming to make a difference in the customer's wing with an application that has not been done before in the sector with the developing technology, said "With Virtual Pos, thanks to our online payment network, our final consumers are not only our dealers but also our dealers. .