53/333 Deck Corrugated Sheet - Assan Panel


Provides excellent integrity between concrete and steel with 53 mm pitch height and advanced form features. Wide gaps can be spanned easily where the load capacity is at a maximum with this special feature corrugated sheet. The lateral embossments raised on the pitches in opposite directions provide high performance adherence between steel and hardened concrete. The modular width of the 53/333 Deck Corrugated Sheet is 1,000 mm. The wide and effective coating area is economical in both material and labor. 53/333 Deck Corrugated Sheet is produced as roll-form. The 16m maximum production length of Deck Corrugated Sheet can be produced in thicknesses from 0.70 mm to 1.50 mm.

Product Information

Production Plant
Favourable Width
1000 mm
Minimum Length
1 meters
Maximum Length
Depends on transport conditions.
Metal Type
Galvanized Steel
Sheet Thickness
0,80-1,50 mm
Steel Surface Yield Strength
min. 220 N/mm2
Thickness Tolerance (EN 10143)
Length Tolerance
±3 mm
Steel Quality (EN 10327)
DX51 D+Z Boyalı Galvanizli Sac
Hot Dipped Coated Steel Grade (EN 10327)
100-275 gr/m2
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If you want to get a product offer, fill out the form.