110/233 Roof Corrugated Sheet - Assan Panel


The single layer High Pitch Corrugated Sheet manufactured from galvanize or aluminum. The special production form is used on roof and exteriors as well as a mold under reinforced concrete. With a special pitch height this corrugated sheet eliminates the need for purlins in roof constructions due to its ability to pass over two gaps from truss to truss on steel roofs providing important advantages in details and labor. The corrugated form enables use over long gaps as well as bottom coating in onsite application of double layer systems. Especially when Perforated High Pitch Corrugated Sheet is used it is possible to absorb the sound in the building. The perforated form captures the sound inside and prevents echoing. Recommended for especially noisy and crowded conditions (like airports, etc.).

Product Information

Production Plant
Favourable Width
685 mm
Minimum Length
1 meters
Maximum Length
Depends on transport conditions.
Metal Type
Prepainted Galvanized Steel
Sheet Thickness
0,70-1,50 mm
Steel Surface Yield Strength
min. 220 N/mm2
Thickness Tolerance (EN 10143)
Length Tolerance
±3 mm
Steel Quality (EN 10327)
DX51 D+Z Boyalı Galvanizli Sac (astar üzeri son kat polyester boya)
Hot Dipped Coated Steel Grade (EN 10327)
100-275 gr/m2
Paint Type
Polyester, PvdF, Plastisol, PVC
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