PUR/PIR Board Insulation

Insulation boards are being used in roof, wall and floor insulations. Mainly in industrial buildings, houses, public buildings, malls, cold room stores, all kinds of cold and hot roof applications. Provides heat, sound and water insulation. It’s an anti moulding material. It satisfies all the insulation needs of the buildings with different surface covering alternatives chosen in accordance with the prefered insulation material.


Mineral Wool

It is a thermal insulation material formed by dissolving mineral and inorganic stones obtained from volcanic rocks in nature between 1400 and 1500 degrees and becoming a fiber and containing 97% natural fiber. It features high-level insulation in building roofs, bulkheads, exterior insulation, furnaces, steel door insulation, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, entertainment venues and cinemas, anywhere heat, sound, moisture insulation and fire safety are required.

General Properties

  • Thanks to its inorganic structure, it does not produce bacteria and microorganisms.
  • It is an ecological and environmentally friendly product made of natural raw material.
  • MineralWool has a water repellent function thanks to its saturated structure.
  • Since it has vapor permeability, it does not contain vapor.
  • The use of MineralWool reduces the need for fossil fuels. For this reason, it will also help reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate ecological events such as climate change.
  • Since MineralWool is resistant to temperatures above 1000 °C, it provides vital fire safety. While preventing the spread of fire, it gives firefighters time to respond to fires, save lives and evacuate.
  • Thanks to the mineral wool fibers, it eliminates negative external factors such as sound, noise and provides a peaceful environment.

Application Areas

It is used as an insulator for heat, sound, fire and acoustics inside cage systems formed with load-bearing constructions formed of wood and metal. mineral wool panels must have a density of at least 40 kg/m³ so that they can stand vertically and not pile up and slip over time. If necessary, it should be partially secured to the surface with insulating hanger pins. It is used in areas required by acoustic insulation, covered with black and yellow fiberglass. The walls for acoustic purposes should be covered with materials with 50% perforated surface.


What Are The Uses Of Mineralwool?

  • As a thermal insulation panel outside buildings (Coating),
  • In the thermal insulation of cold and hot roofs,
  • On the partition walls for acoustic solutions and sound insulation,
  • In industrial furnaces (up to 700 °C),
  • In refineries,
  • In steel doors (for sound insulation and fire protection purposes),
  • In ships, • In entertainment centers (for sound and fire safety),
  • In the studio, • It is used in conference rooms, cinemas, etc
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