AssanChem: Approved sandwich panel technology for efficient building insulation, cooling, storage and transportion

Assanchem has bringed in chemical 30 years experience of continuous sandwich panel production.

Best quality B3, B2 and PIR material technology allows you to produce optimum combination of excellent mechanical and physical properties and thermal insulation. You are able to constructing or upgrading buildings via high thermal insulation panels with AssanChem technology that are able to get the most work out of the energy that is supplied to them by taking steps to reduce energy loss such as decreasing the loss of heat through the building.

AssanChem Polyurethane is the best filling material used in sandwich panel manufacture in aspect of high fire resistance (PIR & B2) also with low conductivity coefficient and low density (B3)

Systems are suitable to 2, 4 or 5-components depending on the production line; The systems are formulated in different fire resistance levels according to requirements.

Scope Of Application

  • Flat and pitched roof panels
  • Facade panels
  • Cold storage room panels
  • Insulation boards
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Prefabricated houses


  • Thousands of m2 applied and approved material
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Low lambda value with better thermal conductivity
  • Strong bonding with different facing materials
  • Minimum scarp with high productivity
  • Easy process conditions and excellent processability
  • High fire resistance (B2 is best in the class)

Material Code Description Molded Density (Kg/m3) Laminator Temperature °C Reaction to Fire class (DIN 4102)
AssanChem Pur 370 * Suitable for economic panels
* Excellent mechanical and physical properties even for low densities
* Ease of process
* Good Thermal insulation with standart densities
25-27 40 -45 B3
AssanChem Pur 280 * Best in class on fire resistance
* Top notch mechanical and physical properties
* Suitable for cold room panels
* Excellent thermal insulation
30-33 45 - 50 B2
PIR * Bs1d0 level fire resistance
* Suitable for cold room panels
* Strong bonding with different facing materials
* Excellent mechanical and physical properties
* Excellent thermal insulation with low lambda value
39-41 50-55 B1
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February, 2022
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