Rapid developments in coating materials in recent years offer quality advantages and high-performance opportunities in organic coating materials. The layer consisting of a combination of galvanized coating and organic coating forming the metal surfaces of sandwich panels provides an ideal solution specially against corrosion and increases the material life cycle. Depending on the type and degree of corrosion, the thickness of metal surfaces of sandwich panels facing exterior sections is typically 45 mm (25 mm organic coating and 20 mm galvanized coating); however, this thickness may be increased up to 300 mm based on the user requirements.

On the other hand, coating is expected to be highly resistant to UV lights, chemical activity, atmospheric activity, humidity, and physical effects. In addition, a wide range of color scale offered by organic coating provides significant design advantages in architectural solutions.

Coating materials are categorized under 3 groups as liquid coating, film coating, and powder coating materials. Finish coating of various qualities and colors as used on galvanized sheet or aluminum is preferred by users based on the application site and user requirements.

Aluzinc (AZ), also known as galvalume, is a coating application of aluminum-zinc alloy on steel sheet on both sides and Zinc (Z) is a coating application of zinc alloy on sheet on both sides. Assan Panel recommends a minimum of Z100 / AZ70 coating for its products. Polyester provides high resistance to external environmental conditions, high flexibility, and thermal balance. It is the most commonly used type of paint. It can be used for various purposes indoors and outdoors.


Perfect surface hardness is ensured by polyamide reinforcement. It provides high resistance against scratches and stains. It is suitable for deep drawing and twisting. It can be used for various purposes indoors and outdoors.


It is resistant to external environmental conditions, having high corrosion resistance, and resistance against chemical oils. It is highly resistant to chemicals and UV lights. It is a type of coating with the highest color durability and brightness resistance. It can be used in prestige buildings, roofs, and exterior wall coating applications.


It is capable of taking the perfect form. It is resistant to humidity and corrosion, and suitable for use in food-grade applications. It delivers an outstanding performance in cold and humid climatic conditions.

PVC Film

It is applied by lamination method. It is suitable for applications that require intensive forming and high flexibility. It can safely be used in food-grade applications in compliance with food regulations thanks to its hygienic and easy to clean properties.