Fittings of various dimensions and types are used in a number of details with accessories, including fitting sandwich panels and single-layer corrugated sheets to supporting load-bearing structures in exterior wall and roof coating applications. Fittings should be chosen carefully during the design stage due to various factors such as resistance, waterproofing, appearance, etc.

Key points to consider while choosing sandwich panel fittings:

  • In choosing fittings to be used, make sure that static values of screws are certified. In calculations to be made, certified shear and tensile strength values should be used.
  • Sandwich panel external metal would be subject to various deformations over time due to temperature effects. Fittings used during such deformation should not lose its static characteristics and should be elastically resistant to such effects.
  • Sandwich panel screws may be exposed to intensive corrosion effects due to their environment. It is recommended that sandwich panel screws to be used have organic coating providing high corrosion resistance or to be of stainless type.
  • Tightening screws more or less than it is actually required during assembly leads to leakage. For correct assembly, EPDM seal should be tightened by 25%. Using a depth control apparatus ensures that the assembly is properly performed as required.